Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004/2006 SDK

The FPCSessionsMonitorEntry object represents an entry in the session monitor for the Microsoft Firewall service sessions or the ISA Server Web proxy sessions.

The FPCSessionsMonitorEntry object is an element of an FPCSessionMonitor collection that represents a session monitor for Firewall service sessions or Web proxy sessions.

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The FPCSessionsMonitorEntry object does not define any methods.


The FPCSessionsMonitorEntry object has the following properties.

Property Description
Activation Gets a Date value that specifies the date and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when the session became active.
ClientComputer Gets the name of the client computer for the session.
ClientIP Gets the IP address of the client participating in the session.
ClientProcess Gets the name of the process in which the client is participating.
ClientUserName Gets the user name of the client account for the session.
Event Gets a value from the FpcSessionMonitorEvent enumeration that indicates the type of session event.
ServerName Gets the name of the server participating in the session.
SessionID Gets a string value that specifies the session ID.
SessionType Gets a value from the FpcSessionType enumeration that indicates the type of session.
SourceNetwork Sets the name of the source network for the session.
SourceNetworkType Sets a value from the FpcNetworkTypes enumeration that indicates the type of the source network for the session.

Interfaces for C++ Programming

This object implements the IFPCSessionsMonitorEntry interface.


Client Requires Windows XP.
Server Requires Windows Server 2003. Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 for ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition.
Version Requires Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 or ISA Server 2004.

Declared in Msfpccom.idl.

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