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EntityType.Definition Property

EntityType.Definition Property

A description of the specified entity type. For example, the value of the Definition property of the AdminDivision1 entity type in the MapPoint.AP, MapPoint.BR, MapPoint.EU, MapPoint.NA, MapPoint.World, and MapPoint.WorldRoutable data sources is "A first-order, initial political subdivision of a [CountryRegion], such as a state, province, department, region, or prefecture".

Public Definition As System.String


public System.String Definition;



[Visual Basic]

'Output all of the entity types in the MapPoint.NA data source
Dim myEntityTypes() As EntityType
Dim myDataSourceName As String = "MapPoint.NA"
myEntityTypes = commonService.GetEntityTypes(myDataSourceName)
Dim et As EntityType
For Each et In myEntityTypes
 Console.WriteLine(et.Name + ":  " + et.Definition)


//Output all of the entity types in the MapPoint.NA data source
EntityType[] myEntityTypes;
string myDataSourceName = "MapPoint.NA";
myEntityTypes = commonService.GetEntityTypes(myDataSourceName);
foreach(EntityType et in myEntityTypes)
 Console.WriteLine(et.Name + ":  " + et.Definition);

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