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ProcessDefinition CoClass

Exchange Server 2003

ProcessDefinition CoClass

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Type Library

Microsoft CDO Workflow Objects for Microsoft Exchange

Inproc Server


Threading Model


Implemented Interfaces

IProcessDefinition Interface

IDataSource Interface


IProcessDefinition is the default interface.

The ProcessDefinition Component Object Model (COM) class encapsulates the business logic and policies of a workflow application, and is used for:

  • Transferring work items between people
  • Tracking the state of individual work items
  • Server-side control of work item status changes
  • Automatic handling of work item exceptions

The ProcessDefinition object supports data access through the IDataSource interface that enables you to manage the properties of the ProcessDefinition object. You store the business logic of a workflow application as the ActionTable Property of the ProcessDefinition object. The action table has been previously created as a Microsoft® ActiveX® Data Objects database (ADODB) recordset. The action table can contain script, can reference a set of common script functions, or can reference custom COM objects as actions or conditions.

Caution  Although Collaboration Data Objects Workflow (CDOWF) objects are labeled BOTH, they are not in fact thread-safe. CDOWF objects do not support accessing one object from many threads.


The following example declares two variable names for a ProcessDefinition object and an IDataSource interface, creates a ProcessDefinition object in memory, gets the IDataSource interface on the ProcessDefinition object, and opens the ProcessDefinition item for read/write access. With the iPD object, you can set various properties of the ProcessDefinition item and use the iDsrc interface to save the changes back to the ProcessDefinition item. ProcDefURL must be a valid URL to the ProcessDefinition item in a public folder. This example requires references to Microsoft CDO Workflow Objects for Microsoft Exchange (cdowf.dll) and Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library" (cdoex.dll) in your Microsoft Visual Basic® project.

[Visual Basic]

Dim iPd    As CDOWF.ProcessDefinition
Dim iDsrc  As CDO.IDataSource

Set iPd = New CDOWF.ProcessDefinition
Set iDsrc = iPd

' ProcDefURL must be a valid URL to a ProcessDefinition item.
iDsrc.Open ProcDefURL, _
           Nothing, _
           adModeReadWrite, _

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