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DSNOptions Property

Exchange Server 2003

DSNOptions Property

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The Delivery Status Notification (DSN) options for the message.

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Type Library

Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

DLL Implemented In



        [Visual Basic]Property DSNOptions As CdoDSNOptions
        [C++]HRESULT get_DSNOptions(CdoDSNOptionspVal);
HRESULT put_DSNOptions(CdoDSNOptions Val);


Returns the value of the DSNOptions property as a reference to a CdoDSNOptions Enum.
Sets the value of the DSNOptions property to the value of the CdoDSNOptions Enum.


The CdoDSNOptions enumeration is provided for this property.

A DSN is essentially a request for a receipt of message delivery status. The request can be for the enumerated delivery conditions. Note that DSNs can pass through numerous message transfer agents and thus return receipts can have different meanings.

DSNOptions defines the type of DSN requested as described in RFC 1894. The RFC covers the nature and uses of DSNs in depth.

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