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ContentMediaType Property

Exchange Server 2003

ContentMediaType Property

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Contains type and subtype identifiers that specify the nature of the data in a body part.

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Type Library

Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

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        [Visual Basic]Property ContentMediaType As String
        [C++]HRESULT get_ContentMediaType(BSTRpVal);
HRESULT put_ContentMediaType(BSTR Val);


Returns the value of the property as a reference to a BSTR.
Sets the value of the property to the value of the BSTR.


The ContentMediaType property corresponds to the type and subtype of the Content-Type header field of RFC 2045.

This property corresponds to the urn:schemas:mailheader:content-type header field available in the Fields collection

The format for the contents of ContentMediaType is "<type>/<subtype>". Common types and subtypes include:

  • image/gif, image/jpeg
  • message/external-body, message/partial, message/rfc822
  • multipart/alternative, multipart/digest, multipart/mixed, multipart/related
  • text/html, text/plain

The following CdoContentTypeValues string constants are provided for use with the ContentMediaType property:

CdoContentTypeValues Module Constants

Constant Value Description
cdoGif "image/gif" Image encoded using Graphics Interchange Format Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
cdoJpeg "image/jpeg" Image encoded using Joint Photographic Experts Group format Industry Standards Organization (ISO)/IEC 10918
cdoMessageExternalBody "message/external-body" Pointer to message content outside this message
cdoMessagePartial "message/partial" One piece of a fragmented message
cdoMessageRFC822 "message/rfc822" Simple e-mail message, not even a forward
cdoMultipartAlternative "multipart/alternative" Different versions of same content, simplest first
cdoMultipartDigest "multipart/digest" Different messages, including forwarded messages
cdoMultipartMixed "multipart/mixed" Body parts to be processed sequentially
cdoMultipartRelated "multipart/related" Body parts accessed through URLs
cdoTextHtml "text/html" Text with HTML tags
cdoTextPlain "text/plain" Unstructured text

The contents of ContentMediaType are not case-sensitive. The default value is "text/plain".


        [Visual Basic]
Dim iBp as CDO.BodyPart
    ' set a bodypart to oBp
iBp.ContentMediaType = "application/msword"