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IAddressee Interface

Exchange Server 2003

IAddressee Interface

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release. Provides address resolution for names and free/busy information for appointment attendees.





Type Library

Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

DLL Implemented In


Member Summary

The following table lists the properties of the IAddressee interface.

Name Description
AmbiguousNames A reference to an Addressees collection containing all addressees that match the ambiguous criteria used to resolve a particular addressee. This property is read-only.
Configuration A reference to a Configuration object used to define configuration information for the object.
ContentClass Returns the content class of a resolved addressee. This property is read-only.
DataSource Reserved for future use. This property is read-only.
DirURL Contains the directory URL to the resolved user object in Active Directory. This property is read-only.
DisplayName Contains the display name of the addressee.
EmailAddress Contains the e-mail address of an addressee.
Fields Reserved for future use. This property is read-only.
ResolvedStatus Indicates the resolution status of this addressee.

The following table lists the methods of the IAddressee interface.

Name Description
CheckName Attempts to resolve an addressee directory object using the information specified in the object.
GetFreeBusy Gets the free/busy information for a resolved addressee.
GetInterface Returns the specified dual interface on this object.



<Job id="resolveaddressee">

<reference object="cdo.message"/>
<reference object="adodb.connection"/>

<script language="VBScript">

Dim iPer
Set iPer = getCurrentPersonObject_ro

Wscript.Echo "User E-Mail Address:"
wscript.echo iPer.Email

WScript.Echo "User Mailbox folder URL: " 
Wscript.Echo iPer.GetInterface("IMailbox").BaseFolder

Function getCurrentPersonObject_ro()

 Dim Info
 Set Info   = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo")
 Dim InfoNT
 Set InfoNT = CreateObject("WinNTSystemInfo")
 Dim iPer 
 Set iPer   = CreateObject("CDO.Person")
 Dim iAddr
 Dim iAddr2
 Set iAddr  = CreateObject("CDO.Addressee")

 iAddr.EmailAddress = LCase(InfoNT.UserName) & "@" & Info.DomainDNSName

 ' Search by binding to an LDAP server in current domain.
 If Not iAddr.CheckName("LDAP://" & Info.DomainDNSName) Then
  ' Handle Ambiguous names here
   For Each iAddr2 in iAddr.AmbiguousNames
     wscript.echo iAddr2.DisplayName
     wscript.echo iAddr2.EmailAddress

  ' Note that this is for illustration purposes only as
  ' We already have the server-less LDAP URL to the current user:
  ' "LDAP://" & Info.UserName
  ' Or,
  ' "LDAP://" & Info.DomainDNSName & "/" & Info.UserName

  Wscript.Echo "LDAP://" & Info.DomainDNSName & "/" & Info.UserName
  Wscript.Echo iAddr.DirURL

  iPer.DataSource.Open iAddr.DirURL
 End If

 Set getCurrentPersonObject_ro = iPer

End Function