Welcome to the MSDN Retail Industry Center


From: Brian Scott, VP of Retail & Hospitality, Microsoft Corporation

Tim Gruver, Director of Retail & Hospitality Tech Strategy, Microsoft Corporation

Date: May 15th, 2006

To: Retail Industry Technical Community

Subject: Taking Vision to Reality—Enabling the Technology to Drive Retail Innovation

Today, we're thrilled to be launching the Retail Industry Center on MSDN. This marks a new era in our quest to provide timely and relevant guidance to technology professionals. Developers and architects are under constant pressure to deliver solutions that solve today's business challenges while enabling future innovation. To address these needs, agile retailers must build more deeply interoperable and configurable software than ever before. Accordingly, we're dedicating ourselves to helping you build solutions that work in challenging environments, extend existing software and hardware investments, and solve critical business needs.

The Retail Industry Center further delivers on the Microsoft® Smarter Retailing™ vision by providing critical guidance retailers need to create, deploy, and support solutions built on the Microsoft platform. To achieve this goal we'll:

  • Provide technical guidance for building and supporting solutions in a range of retail industry scenarios
  • Profile emerging technologies and demonstrate how they can be applied to your business.
  • Provide technical drilldowns of retail industry partner solutions

Our retail team boasts a strong pedigree of industry expertise—from developing point of service applications to designing assortment and planning solutions. Content contributors to the Industry Center thoroughly understand Microsoft technology as well as how it can be applied to solve retail problems. Further, we've lined up an incredible ecosystem of partners to provide technical guidance and deeper explanations of solutions they've built on the Microsoft platform.

As you'll see, we've assembled a great set of guidance for the site launch. From deploying and supporting store systems to technical drilldowns of RFID and Supply Chain Management, we've tackled a range of relevant industry topics. In the coming weeks and months we'll expand this guidance with additional retail segment solution architectures, industry standards overviews, and partner solution drilldowns. Our goal is for you to consider the Retail Industry Center a key component of your technical knowledgebase.

The Microsoft Retail team is deeply committed to industry developers, architects, and operations professionals. The value of our platform is visible only through the great solutions you build, deploy, and support. So, I want to warmly welcome you to the Retail Industry Center, and I trust you'll find interesting and innovative guidance to help you do your job more effectively.


Brian Scott


Tim Gruver