ColumnSet XML Schema

CRM 1.0

This is a parameter that is passed into many API methods that retrieve data from the Microsoft CRM database. The following describes the schema for this parameter:

ColumnSetXml := 
      (count='items-per-page')? >
      ( ColumnXml | OrderXml | FilterXml ) *

ColumnXml := 

OrderXml := AscendXml | DescendXml

AscendXml :=

DescendXml :=

FilterXml := NullFilterXml | SingleFilterXml | MultipleFilterXml

NullFilterXml :=
      operator=('null' | 'not-null') />

SingleFilterXml :=
      operator=('eq' | 'neq' | 'like' ) 
      value='value-data' />

MultipleFilterXml :=
      value='(value-data)(,value-data)+' />

The following table shows the valid operators for filter.

Operator Description
eq Attribute equals value
neq Attribute does not equal value
like Attribute matches the pattern specified by value
null Attribute has a null value
not-null Attribute does not have a null value

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