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CDF Database Entity Tables

CRM 1.0

The entity tables in the CDF database consist of three types:

The following is a list of all entity base tables in the CDF database. To see the specific schema information for each table, click the appropriate link.

Entity base tables in the CDF database
cdf_Account cdf_Opportunity
cdf_Activity cdf_OpportunityProduct
cdf_ActivityParty cdf_PriceLevel
cdf_Annotation cdf_Product
cdf_Competitor cdf_ProductPriceLevel
cdf_Contact cdf_Quote
cdf_CustomerAddress cdf_QuoteDetail
cdf_Discount cdf_SalesOrder
cdf_DiscountType cdf_SalesOrderDetail
cdf_Incident cdf_Subject
cdf_Invoice cdf_UoM
cdf_InvoiceDetail cdf_UoMSchedule

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