CDF Database Correlation Tables

CRM 1.0

The correlation tables are essential for correlating information in the entity tables between the CDF database and Microsoft CRM. They are populated directly from data in Microsoft CRM when you run the CDF Initialization Tool.

Correlation tables Purpose of tables
SystemUser, Organization, Business Unit, and Territory Tables These tables are used as a reference during data cleansing so that any data referring to a user, organization name, business unit, or territory refers to the correct information from Microsoft CRM.
Drop-Down List Correlation Tables Drop-down list data is only migrated if it matches valid drop-down list data in Microsoft CRM. The cdf_StringMapCrm table is used as the reference for the data in Microsoft CRM. The cdf_StringMap table is a temporary table that is used for cleansing your data to match the data in cdf_StringMapCrm.

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