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Callout Interface

CRM 1.0

The callout interface ICRMCallout is implemented by classes that need to handle business logic events. Because this interface is callable by IDispatch, it’s possible to implement the interface by using any COM-callable language.

Note   There are no return values for PostCreate, PostUpdate, and PostDelete.

The following file is the Interface Definition Language (IDL) definition of the ICRMCallout interface:

import "oaidl.idl";
import "ocidl.idl";

   helpstring("ICRMCallout Interface")
interface ICRMCallout : IDispatch
   HRESULT PostCreate([in] int ObjectType,
                      [in] BSTR ObjectId,
                      [in] BSTR OrigObjectXml);
   HRESULT PostUpdate([in] int ObjectType,
                      [in] BSTR ObjectId,
                      [in] BSTR OrigObjectXml);
   HRESULT PostDelete([in] int ObjectType,
                      [in] BSTR ObjectId);

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