Business Portal SDK

Welcome to the Business Portal Software Development Kit (SDK). You can use this SDK to create integrations for the Microsoft Business Solutions– Business Portal. Because the Business Portal is based on the Microsoft Business Framework, you will use the tools and techniques from the business framework to develop your integrations.

This documentation is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how to use the Microsoft Business Framework to create integrations for the Business Portal. Even if you are familiar with creating applications with the Microsoft Business Framework, you will find it helpful to browse the material presented here.

Information is divided into the following parts:

  • Integration Basics describes the types of integrations you can create, describes the sample integration, and provides an overview of how to create integrations.
  • Business Entities provides detailed information about business entities, which are an integral part of developing an integration.
  • Entity Maps describes how entity maps are used when moving data between the application and the database.
  • Entity Associations explains how to create associations between entities.
  • Security describes how data is accessed in a secure way with the Business Portal.
  • Query Web Service describes the Query Web Service, which is the foundation technology for the Business Portal.
  • Portal Pages describes the various types of pages you can create for your integration.
  • Web Parts describes several standard web parts you can create for your integration.
  • Result Viewers explains how result viewers are used to present information in the Business Portal.
  • Web Part Communication describes how web parts can communicate with each other.
  • Online Help describes the online help implementatin in the Business Portal.
  • Distributing Integrations explains how to package and install an integration you created.