XML and XSL Samples and Demos


August 21, 1999

Sample Web Applications Incorporating XML

Stand-Alone Samples and Demos

Sample Web Applications Incorporating XML

For large sample applications that incorporate XML technologies as part of a larger solution, see the following:

The Fitch & Mather Expense Reporting Sample

This is an online expense reporting sample application that uses XML to pass structured data to the server, where a lightweight XML parser is used.

To download the sample, see Fitch & Mather Corporation: Sample Setup.

To read about the XML-specific implementation, see these two articles:

  1. Fitch & Mather Sample: Using XML to Display Data

  2. The Fitch & Mather Sample Web Site

The Duwamish Books Sample, Phase 4

Phase 4 of Duwamish Books is a fully documented sample e-commerce Web application created by the MSDN development team. The n-tier architecture incorporates a SQL Server database, middle-tier COM components, an Internet Information Server Web server, and a sophisticated XML implementation for cross-browser compatibility.

To download the sample, see Duwamish Books: Phase 4 Setup and Source Code Files.

To read about the XML-specific implementation, see these two articles:

  1. Workflow Design for a Web Commerce Application

  2. Three Approaches for Three Client Types

Stand-Alone Samples and Demos

The following samples can get you started working with XML. For other samples, see the table of contents. (To view the TOC, click "Show TOC" at the top of this page.)

XML Sports Demo

This Internet Explorer 5 based demo presents a Fantasy Football league.

XML/XSL Viewer

This demo shows how to surf through different XML documents and apply different XSL stylesheets.

XML Tree Viewer

This demo shows how to load and parse a specified XML document.

XML Validator

This web page shows how to enter in the URL of an XML document and both parse and validate that document.

XSL Pattern Matching

A simple searching application written in JScript that uses XSL pattern-matching to retrieve requested nodes and XSL stylesheets to display those nodes.

XSL Visual Pattern Builder

This is a Visual Basic application that shows how to build XSL patterns and use those patterns to retrieve XML nodes from an XML document.

Visual C++ XML samples

These sample files contain a collection of snippets showing how to use the MSXML parser from Visual C++ 6.0.