Allowing Applications to Handle AutoPlay Events

Windows Media Center includes a feature called AutoPlay that automatically starts playing removable media content when the user inserts it or attaches it to the computer. When Windows Media Center detects a type of removable media content that it recognizes, it displays a list of applications that can handle the media type, prompting the user to choose which application will play the content. (Note that Windows Media Center responds to AutoPlay events only when it is maximized.)

As an OEM, you can provide applications that Windows Media Center can invoke to service AutoPlay events. The applications must be registered with Windows Media Center as AutoPlay event handlers, as described in the following topics:

Registering AutoPlay Event HandlersProvides the step-by-step procedure for registering applications that handle Windows Media Center AutoPlay events.
Identifying the Drive Containing the Removable MediaExplains how hosted HTML applications retrieve the drive letter for AutoPlay events that occur as a result of the user inserting media into a disk drive.
Registering AutoPlay Event Handlers for HD DVD and Blu-ray DiscDescribes how to register HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc playback applications to handle the AutoPlay events that occur when the user inserts or connects removable media to the Windows Media Center PC.

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