CD and DVD Content Burning

Windows Media Center enables software vendors to create applications that provide CD or DVD recording capabilities, and to tightly integrate those capabilities into Windows Media Center. CD/DVD recording applications use the IListMakerApp interfaces of the Windows Media Center application object model to get lists of digital media files from the user, and they use the IDiscWriterApp interface to record the media files onto a CD or DVD.

A CD/DVD recording application is a managed software component provided by an independent software vendor. It runs inside the Windows Media Center process, using the API elements exposed by the Microsoft.MediaCenter.ListMaker namespace to exchange file and disc information with Windows Media Center, and to retrieve lists of user-selected files for recording onto a CD or DVD.

This section discusses the following topics:

Retrieving File Lists from Windows Media CenterDescribes how to retrieve file lists from Windows Media Center.
Exchanging Disc Information with Windows Media CenterDescribes how a CD/DVD recording application exchanges disc information with Windows Media Center through the IDiscWriterApp interface.
Registering a CD/DVD Recording ApplicationDescribes how to register an application with Windows Media Center.
Suppressing the Default CD/DVD Burn EngineDescribes how to suppress the default burn engine.

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