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application Element

Specifies the path to your application and several application attributes. Attributes specified in the application element do not appear within the Windows Media Center UI, but are used to associate the application entry points with the integration locations within Windows Media Center.


    id="GUID of application"
    companyName="company name"
    description="description of application"
    StartMenuStripCategory="name of custom menu category"
    StartMenuStripTitle="name of custom menu strip"



Required. A string that specifies the title of the application.


Required. A string in the form of a globally unique identifier (GUID). This should be different from the GUID created for the entrypoint element and not a slight variation of another GUID. To generate GUIDs for your application, use a GUID-generating utility such as guidgen.exe from Microsoft.


Optional. A string that specifies the name of the company that authored the application. Before adding the application, Windows Media Center uses this name in a dialog box asking the user whether to add a new application item from the specified company. If no company name is specified, Windows Media Center uses the string, "Unknown Company".


Optional. A string that briefly describes the application.


Name for the custom Start menu category associated with the application.


Name for the custom Start menu strip associated with the application.

Example Code

<application id="{5D97995E-4722-4f21-B3B6-4C6916DEB871}"
             Title="Application Title"
             Description="Application Description"
             CompanyName="Application Company Name"
             StartMenuStripTitle="Start Menu Title"
             StartMenuStripCategory="Custom Start Menu\Application1">


Platform: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and later

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