Graphics Device Interface Printing Test (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Printing Test exercises the GDI drawing APIs on a printer to verify that the print driver and middleware produce the correct printed page. It describes what is expected to be printed, and also prints a reference image of the expected result on the page using a single BitBlt operation instead of sending each operation individually to the page. Optionally, if desired for verification, it also draws the expected output to the primary monitor.

The GDI Printing Test requires that the Windows CE-based device be equipped with a parallel, serial, IR, USB, or network connection to a printer. In addition, the operating system needs a printer driver, printer transport, and printing support in the GDI middleware. For example, to run this on a parallel printer using the shipped PCL printer driver, you would need the parallel port driver (SYSGEN_PARALLEL), the PCL printer driver (SYSGEN_PCL), and the OS printing component (SYSGEN_PRINTING).

To use the test's ability to draw the printed page to the primary, you need a headed image with a shell available.

The following table shows the software required for the GDI Printing Test:

Tux.exeTux test harness, which is required for executing the test.
Kato.dllKato logging engine, which is required for logging the test data.
Tooltalk.dllApplication required by Tux.exe and Kato.dll. Handles the transport between the target device and the development workstation.
GDIPrint.dllLibrary that contains the test code, loaded by the Tux test harness.
Note   When you run the Graphics Device Interface Performance Test, the CETK temporarily copies files to the root directory of the target device. Before running the test, verify that there is at least 0.6 megabytes (MB) of free space in the root directory of the target device. If there is not sufficient space in the root directory of the target device, the test cannot run.

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