Tux.Net Test Harness (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Tux.Net is a lightweight managed test harness that supports both Windows CE-based devices and Windows-based desktop platforms. Tux.Net is written in C# and designed to run tests written in managed (.NET Framework) code on Windows CE-based devices. It is similar to the Tux harness, except that test cases in Tux.Net are implemented in managed assemblies rather than in native DLLs.

Specifically, Tux.Net is a test framework for:

  • Writing and executing test cases

    Tux.Net encourages test cases to adhere to a simple but flexible structure. This structure leads to test maintainability and makes test cases easy to execute with reliably-structured output.

  • Managing test logging

    Tux.Net provides facilities for managing logging output. When all test logging is directed toward one clearing-house for all log data, then regardless of how that data is redirected or processed, you can be sure it is all going to be there for analysis.

  • Managed test code

    Test cases written for Tux.Net are written in managed code. These test cases can be used to test managed or native code, but Tux.Net will interface with your test cases themselves via managed code.

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