Setting a Breakpoint at a Source Code Line (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can set a breakpoint at any line of source code.

To set a breakpoint at a source code line

  1. In a source code window, move the insertion point to the line where you want the application to break.

    To set a breakpoint in a statement that spans two or more lines, move the insertion point to the last line of the statement.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Breakpoints.
  3. Click the button to the right of the Break at text box and then choose Line XXX, where XXX is the line number where to insert the breakpoint.
  4. Choose OK.
    Note: When you set a breakpoint in source code, the color of the breakpoint glyph indicates the status of the breakpoint. A pink glyph, for example, indicates that this breakpoint is not yet instantiated.

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