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Resetting a Target Device

Resetting a Target Device (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The IDE allows you to reset a target device. From the IDE, you can reset a target device when both the target device and Windows CE Target Control are running.

You can also reset a target device when Extended Debugging Interface (eXDI) hardware-assisted debugging is running but not when other services are running.

To configure the settings associated with resetting a target device

  1. From the Target menu, choose Connectivity Options to open the Target Connectivity Options dialog box.
  2. In the Target Connectivity Options dialog box, select Settings, and then, under Reset, choose an option.

After you build and download a run-time image to a target device, you can reset the target device at any point.

To reset a target device

  • From the Target menu, choose Reset Device.

    The target device resets according to settings you can choose in the IDE.

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