How to Connect to a Target Device for Debugging (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can establish a connection from Microsoft® Platform Builder to a Microsoft Windows® CE–based device to debug the target device.

If the run-time image includes the Kdstub.dll library for the kernel debugger, you can use the kernel debugger on the target device.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box that corresponds to each step.

1. Open an existing workspace, or create a new OS design. Choose a BSP that matches the hardware of your target device.Creating an OS Design
2. Familiarize yourself with the level of support for debugging in each configuration that Platform Builder provides by default with an OS design.Levels of Debugging Support
3. Select a Debug or Release configuration for your OS design.Not applicable
4. If you chose a Release configuration, add support for the kernel debugger to your configuration.
Note   If you chose a Debug configuration, support for the kernel debugger is included unless you explicitly remove this support.
Using the Kernel Debugger with a Run-Time Image Built From a Release Configuration
5. Build a run-time image.

You do not have to choose an active configuration, because you already chose a configuration in step 3.

Building a Run-Time Image
6. Specify communication settings between the development workstation and the target device.

If your target device is the Emulator, see Downloading a Run-Time Image to the x86 Emulator for information about configuring a connection, and then downloading a run-time image.

Configuring a Connection for Downloading and Debugging
7. After establishing a hardware connection between your development workstation and the target device, download the run-time image to the target device.

You do not have to configure a connection to the target device because you already configured a connection in step 6.

Downloading a Run-Time Image
8. Verify that the kernel debugger connects to the target device.

When the kernel debugger connects, debug messages appear on the Debug tab in the Output window of Platform Builder.

Not applicable

After you establish a connection between Platform Builder of Windows Mobile and the target device, the kernel debugger collects data from the target device.

For information about controlling program execution, see Debugger Execution Control.

For information about viewing this data, see Viewing Debug Information.

For information about breakpoints, see Breakpoints.

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