Graphics Device Interface Test (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Test is designed to test a graphics device interface. This test verifies that basic shapes, including rectangles, triangles, circles, and ellipses, are drawn correctly.

The test also examines the color palette of the display, verifies that the display is correctly divided into multiple regions, and tests whether a device context can be properly created, stored, retrieved, and destroyed.

The GDI Test requires that the Windows CE–based device be equipped with display hardware that corresponds to the driver being tested.

If you run the test and enable manual verification, the target device must be equipped with a display that you can view. In addition, the target device must have a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or other hardware for data input.

By default, manual verification is disabled.

The following table shows the software requirements for the GDI Test.

Tux.exeTux test harness, which is required for executing the test.
Kato.dllKato logging engine, which is required for logging the test data.
Tooltalk.dllApplication required by Tux.exe and Kato.dll. Handles the transport between the target device and the development workstation.
Gdiapi.dllMain test .dll file.
Ddi_test.dllGraphics Primitive Engine (GPE)–based display driver that the GDI API uses to verify the success of each test case.

If Ddi_test.dll is unavailable, run the test with manual verification.

This test requires that you include a graphic display driver in the OS design that is appropriate for the display hardware on your target device.

Note   When you run the GDI Test, the CETK temporarily copies files to the root directory of the target device. While the test runs, the test dynamically consumes program memory on the target device. Before running the test, verify that there is at least 3.7 megabytes (MB) of free storage memory on the target device. Also verify that there is at least 2.0 MB of free program memory on the target device. If there is not sufficient space in the root directory of the target device or there is not sufficient program memory, the test cannot run.

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