CeLog Event Tracking (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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CeLog is an event-tracking tool that logs a set of predefined kernel and coredll events. In addition, CeLog event-tracking system includes a variety of related tools that give you more control in collecting data, and make it possible for you to view the data in the most useful way.

In this section

CeLog Event Tracking Overview
Provides an overview description of the CeLog Event Tracking subsystem and its related tools, and describes some common usage scenarios.
CeLog Data Collection
Provides basic information you can use to collect CeLog data from your system.
CeLog Data Viewing
Describes basic information you can use to view the data collected by CeLog.
CeLog Tools
Provides detailed procedures that show you how to use the CeLog Tools to collect data in different scenarios and view the data from those scenarios.
CeLog Tool Customization
Describes how to customize data collection, log file flushing, and data viewing. Describes how to modify existing tools or create your own.

Related Sections

CeLog Event Tracking Reference
Provides detailed API reference information.
Developing an OEM Adaptation Layer
Provides an overview about the OEM adaptation layer (OAL) and contains links to topics that discuss the following: an in-depth overview of the OAL, the OAL development process, and a reference section for the OAL programming elements.
Remote Kernel Tracker
Provides information about the remote tool that provides a visual representation of application and OS events that occur on a target device.

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