Bootable CD Does Not Boot


The bootable CD-ROM does not boot.


  • Verify that the CD-ROM authoring software you are using supports creating a bootable CD-ROM from an ISO-9660 image file.
  • Verify that the run-time image boots on a standard hard drive.
  • Verify that all the required components are included in your configuration.
  • Be sure to use either the FAT or NTFS file system components.
  • Be sure to run BootPrep on the hard drive before you deploy your run-time image and before you run FBA.
  • Run Hd2iso.exe. From the Main menu, select Option 2, Dump the contents of an image file, and then follow the instructions. The output is a plain text file. Save this file and report the problem to the Windows Embedded newsgroup at this Microsoft Web site. Include the C:\Windows\FBA\FBALOG.txt file in your post.

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