HOW TO: Install .NET Compact Framework Assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

.NET Compact Framework 1.0

Applies to:
    Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework 1.0



    Install assemblies into the GAC



Learn how to install .NET Compact Framework assemblies into the global assembly cache (GAC).

Install assemblies into the GAC

  1. Place the assemblies into a directory on the device.
  2. Create a text file that lists each file and its path on a separate line.
  3. Save the text file with a .gac extension into the Windows directory on the device. Assembly files can ANSI or UTF8 encoded but not Unicode.

Here is an example of MyApp.gac, which lists two files to install into the GAC:

\Program Files\MyApp\Engine.dll
\Program Files\MyApp\Support.dll

When your application is next run, the .NET Compact Framework moves the assemblies into the GAC.

Note   The assemblies must have strong names. Delay signing is not currently supported.

Any changes to the .gac text file cause the following:

  • If you delete the .gac text file from the Windows directory, the files it listed will be removed from the GAC the next time you run your application.
  • If you update the .gac text file, the .NET Compact Framework will update the files in the GAC accordingly.


The Visual Studio .NET 2003 online help topic "Installing Assemblies into the GAC".