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This section contains technical reference details on the Windows Mobile native Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Component Services for Windows Mobile-based Devices
A platform-independent, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact with other COM-based components.
Device Configuration API
Provides the functionality that enables access to the configuration management components of a Windows Mobile-based device.
Device Drivers
Provides reference information for interacting with device drivers, which, in turn, interact with devices.
File Systems and Data Store Reference
Descriptions of file systems and data store programming elements.
Fonts API
Descriptions of fonts programming elements.
Information Management
Information about the APIs which Windows Mobile provides for discovering and utilizing Storage Cards, performing actions when applications are installed or removed, and The Pocket Outlook® Object Model (POOM).
International API
Descriptions of Input Method Manager, Multilingual User Interface, and National Language Support programming elements.
Internet Explorer Mobile
A compact Internet browser that is optimized for Windows Mobile-based devices.
Multimedia and Games
Information for implementing multimedia and game functionality in Windows Mobile applications.
Provides networking and communications capabilities that enable devices to connect and communicate with other devices and people over both wireless and wired networks.
OS Services
information about core operating system services.
Safe String
Duplicate or enhanced familiar string functions from the standard C run-time library.
Security for Windows Mobile-based Devices
Information for Authentication Services, Credential Manager, Cryptography, and LASS application development and programming elements.
Shell and User Interface
Descriptions of Shell and User Interface programming elements.
State and Notifications Broker
A mechanism for storing system and application information in the registry and provides a notification system for changes in the stored information.
Windows Mobile Error Reporting Reference
Technologies that capture key information about the state of the machine at the time of a program crash and allow users to report the collected information.
XML Core Services and Document Object Model
Provides a set of APIs that allow you to access and manipulate an XML document.

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