WM_HOTKEY (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This message is posted when the user presses a hot key registered by the RegisterHotKey function. The message is placed at the top of the message queue associated with the thread that registered the hot key.

WM_HOTKEY idHotKey = (int) wParam; 
  fuModifiers = (UINT) LOWORD(lParam); 
  uVirtKey = (UINT) HIWORD(lParam);


Hot key identifier that generated the message. If the message was generated by a system-defined hot key, the idHotKey parameter is one of the following values.
IDHOT_SNAPDESKTOPThe snap desktop hot key was pressed.
IDHOT_SNAPWINDOWThe snap window hot key was pressed.
Specifies the keys that were to be pressed in combination with the key specified by the nVirtKey parameter to generate the WM_HOTKEY message. The fuModifiers parameter can be a combination of the following values.
MOD_ALTEither ALT key was held down.
MOD_CONTROLEither CTRL key was held down.
MOD_KEYUPBoth key up events and key down events generate a WM_HOTKEY message
MOD_SHIFTEither SHIFT key was held down.
MOD_WINEither WINDOWS key was held down. These keys are labeled with the Microsoft Windows logo.
Specifies the virtual key code of the hot key.


WM_HOTKEY is unrelated to the WM_GETHOTKEY and WM_SETHOTKEY hot keys. The WM_HOTKEY message is sent for generic hot keys while the WM_SET\GETHOTKEY messages relate to window activation hot keys.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Winuser.h.

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