LV_FINDINFO (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This structure contains information used to search for a list-view item. This structure is identical to the LVFINDINFO structure, but was renamed to fit standard naming conventions.

typedef struct _LV_FINDINFO {
  UINT flags; 
  LPCSTR psz; 
  LPARAM lParam; 
  POINT pt; 
  UINT vkDirection; 


Type of search to perform. It can be one or more of the following values.
LVFI_PARAMSearches based on the lParam member. The lParam member of the matching item's LVITEM structure must match the lParam member of this structure. If this value is specified, all other values are ignored.
LVFI_PARTIALChecks to see if the item text begins with the string pointed to by the psz member. This value implies use of LVFI_STRING.
LVFI_STRINGSearches based on the item text. Unless additional values are specified, the item text of the matching item must exactly match the string pointed to by the psz member.
LVFI_WRAPContinues the search at the beginning if no match is found.
LVFI_NEARESTXYFinds the item nearest to the position specified in the pt member, in the direction specified by the vkDirection member.
Pointer to a null-terminated string to compare with the item text if flags specify LVFI_STRING or LVFI_PARTIAL.
Value to compare with the lParam member of a list-view item's LVITEM structure if the flags member specifies LVFI_PARAM.
POINT structure that specifies the starting position to search from. This member is used only if LVFI_NEARESTXY is specified in the flags member.
Direction to search. This member contains the virtual key code of an arrow key that corresponds to the direction to search. This member is used only if LVFI_NEARESTXY is specified in the flags member.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Commctrl.h.

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