Windows CE 5.0
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This structure has been extended to accommodate subitem hit-testing. The LVHITTESTINFO structure contains information about a hit test. It is used in association with the LVM_HITTEST and LVM_SUBITEMHITTEST messages and their related macros.

typedef struct _LVHITTESTINFO { 
  POINT pt; 
  UINT flags; 
  int iItem; 
  int iSubItem;


Position to hit test, in client coordinates.
Receives information about the results of a hit test. It can be one or more of the following values.
LVHT_ABOVE The position is above the control's client area.
LVHT_BELOW The position is below the control's client area.
LVHT_NOWHERE The position is inside the list-view control's client window, but it is not over a list item.
LVHT_ONITEMICON The position is over a list-view item's icon.
LVHT_ONITEMLABELThe position is over a list-view item's text.
LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICONThe position is over the state image of a list-view item.
LVHT_TOLEFT The position is to the left of the list-view control's client area.
LVHT_TORIGHT The position is to the right of the list-view control's client area.

You can use LVHT_ABOVE, LVHT_BELOW, LVHT_TOLEFT, and LVHT_TORIGHT to determine whether to scroll the contents of a list-view control. Two of these values may be combined. For example, if the position is above and to the left of the client area, you could use both LVHT_ABOVE and LVHT_TO LEFT.

You can test for LVHT_ONITEM to determine whether a specified position is over a list-view item. This value is a bitwise-OR operation on LVHT_ONITEMICON, LVHT_ONITEMLABEL, and LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON.

Receives the index of the matching item. Or if hit-testing a subitem, this value represents the subitem's parent item.
Receives the index of the matching subitem. When hit-testing an item, this member will be zero.


This structure supersedes the LV_HITTESTINFO structure.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Commctrl.h.

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