LVCOLUMN (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This structure contains information about a column in report view. This structure is used both for creating columns and manipulating them using messages. The structure was extended to support new mask values. Two new members, iOrder and iImage, were added to support the new mask values.

typedef struct _LVCOLUMN { 
  UINT mask; 
  int fmt; 
  int cx; 
  LPTSTR pszText; 
  int cchTextMax; 
  int iSubItem; 
  int iOrder;
  int iImage;


Specifies which members contain valid information. It can be zero, or one or more of the following values.
LVCF_FMT The fmt member is valid.
LVCF_IMAGE The iImage member is valid.
LVCF_ORDER The iOrder member is valid.
LVCF_SUBITEM The iSubItem member is valid.
LVCF_TEXT The pszText member is valid.
LVCF_WIDTHThe cx member is valid.
Alignment of the column heading and the subitem text in the column. It is one of the following values.
LVCFMT_BITMAP_ON_RIGHT The bitmap appears to the right of text. This does not affect an image from an image list assigned to the header item.
LVCFMT_CENTER Text is centered.
LVCFMT_IMAGE The item displays an image from an image list.
LVCFMT_LEFT Text is left-aligned.
LVCFMT_RIGHT Text is right-aligned.

The leftmost column in a list-view control must be left aligned.

Width of the column, in pixels.
If column information is being set, this member is the pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the column heading text. If the structure is receiving information about a column, this member specifies the address of the buffer that receives the column heading text.
Size of the buffer pointed to by the pszText member. If the structure is not receiving information about a column, this member is ignored.
Index of subitem associated with the column.
Zero-based column offset. Column offset is with left-to-right order. For example, zero indicates the leftmost column.
Zero-based index of an image within the image list. The specified image will appear within the column.


This structure supersedes the LV_COLUMN structure.

This structure is used with the LVM_GETCOLUMN, LVM_SETCOLUMN, LVM_INSERTCOLUMN, and LVM_DELETECOLUMN messages.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Commctrl.h.

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