How to Implement a Control Panel Application (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Windows CE Control Panel provides a central location in the user interface for small applications used to set system-wide properties and parameters used by the OS or applications running on the OS. An OS can include standard Control Panel applications and custom Control Panel applications added by OS and application developers.

Note   OS developers also have access to the source code for standard Control Panel applications and can customize them as well. This source code can be found in the %_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\WCESHELLFE\OAK\CTLPNL directory. Modifying the source code for these applications is beyond the scope of this how-to topic.

The following table shows the steps to implement a Control Panel application. The steps can be performed on any display-based OS design. You can select the check box next to each step to track your progress.

1. Create an OS design based on the Enterprise Web Pad design template.
  • From the Available BSPs list in the New Platform Wizard, select CEPC: x86.
  • From the Design Templates list in the New Platform Wizard, choose Enterprise Web Pad.
Creating an OS Design
2. Set Platform Builder to build the type of run-time image you want.

Select the release configuration.

Levels of Debugging Support
3.Build your run-time image by choosing Build and Sysgen from the Build OS menu. Verify that Make Run-Time Image After Build and Copy Files to Release Directory after Build are selected. Building a Run-Time Image
4. Create a "Hello World" application and add it to your OS design.Creating a Hello World Application
5. Create a project for your Control Panel application and add its code.Creating a Control Panel Application
6. Create a resource file and the necessary resources to support the code in your Control Panel application.Adding Resources to a Control Panel Application
7. Type the build settings for your Control Panel application.Building a Control Panel Application
8. Configure your download and debugging connections.Configuring a Connection for Downloading and Debugging
9. Download the run-time image to the CEPC and open Control Panel to see your application.

The icon for your application should appear in the control panel. Double-click the icon for your application to open your Hello World program. To close the Hello World application, right-click the taskbar icon and choose Close.

Downloading a Run-Time Image

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