Direct3D Mobile (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Microsoft® Direct3D® Mobile is an application programming interface (API) that provides support for 3-D graphics applications on Windows® CE-based platforms. It is derived from the Direct3D API found on Microsoft Windows-based desktop systems, and is optimized for use on embedded systems.

The following list describes the key aspects of Direct3D Mobile.

  • In comparison to Direct3D for Windows-based desktop computers, the footprint for Direct3D Mobile is greatly reduced. This is a result of eliminating support for 3-D graphics capabilities that are not available in embedded devices because of limited hardware and power.
  • The driver architecture allows you to implement driver solutions that are based only on software, based only on hardware, or a blend of software and hardware.
  • Direct3D Mobile is built with a multi-type architecture. In addition to floating point values, Direct3D Mobile also supports fixed point values in the form of the 16.16 fixed point format.

In this Section

Direct3D Mobile OS Design Development
Provides information describing how OEMs can add and integrate Direct3D Mobile into their OS designs.
Direct3D Mobile Application Development
Provides architectural background information on Direct3D Mobile as well as practical design details that you will need to know to create a Direct3D Mobile application.
Direct3D Mobile Registry Settings
Provides information on the registry settings that affect Direct3D Mobile OS designs and applications.
Direct3D Mobile Security
Describes the factors that you should consider when trying to make your Direct3D Mobile OS design or application more secure.
Direct3D Mobile Migration
Highlights the changes that you will need to make to your existing 3-D graphics code, whether built upon Direct3D for Windows-based desktop systems or Direct3D for earlier Windows CE-based systems, run on Direct3D Mobile.
Direct3D Mobile Samples
Provides example code for Direct3D Mobile as well as descriptions of the sample applications that ship with Direct3D Mobile.
Direct3D Mobile Reference
Provides individual reference descriptions for the Direct3D Mobile programming elements.

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