Theme Support Functions

Theme Support Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This topic describes the functions that must be declared and implemented to provide custom theme support.

Note   The module containing the theme functions must be named as ietheme.dll

Microsoft Windows CE provides a sample implementation in the %_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\IE\OAK\IETHEME folder.

The following table shows functions that you must use for theme support.

Programming elementDescription
CloseThemeDataCloses the theme data handle.
DrawThemeBackgroundDraws the background image defined by the visual style or the specified control part.
GetThemeBackgroundExtentCalculates the size and location of the background, defined by the visual style, given the content area.
GetThemeColorRetrieves the value of the color property.
GetThemeFontRetrieves the value of the font property.
HitTestThemeBackgroundRetrieves a hit test code for a point in the background specified by visual style.
IsAppThemedDetermines whether or not the application UI displays visual style.
OpenThemeDataExOpens the theme data for a window and its associated class.

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