Filter Categories (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows the class identifiers (CLSIDs) for the standard filter categories.

CLSID_AudioInputDeviceCategoryAudio capture filters.
CLSID_AudioCompressorCategoryAudio compressors, audio encoders.
CLSID_AudioRendererCategoryAudio renderers.
CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategoryMiscellaneous filters, including decoders.
CLSID_MidiRendererCategoryMIDI renderers.
CLSID_VideoInputDeviceCategoryVideo capture filters.
CLSID_VideoCompressorCategoryVideo compressors, video encoders.
CLSID_ActiveMovieCategoriesMeta-category that contains the list of categories. An application will typically not use it.

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