Kernel Structures (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows the kernel structures with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming elementDescription
CacheInfoThis structure contains the cache information and is used with the IOCTL_KLIB_GETCACHE_INFO IOCTL.
CallSnapshotThis structure is used to store information about stack frames.
CallSnapshotExThis structure is used to store extended information about stack frames.
OEMProfilerDataThis structure is used by the following:
  • The profiler interrupt handler, to call ProfilerHitEx with hardware-specific profiling data
  • IOCTL_HAL_OEM_PROFILER, to return hardware-specific profiling data on a query during ProfileCaptureStatus
  • The kernel, which writes the result of the query into the CeLog data stream as an event with identifier CELID_OEMPROFILER_HIT
ProfilerControlThis structure is used by the ProfileStartEx function.
ROMHDRThis structure defines the ROM header.
XIPCHAIN_ENTRYThis structure defines an XIP region that can be used by the kernel.
XIPCHAIN_INFOThis structure identifies the number of XIP regions and the data contained in those regions.

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