Core OS Services (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The core operating system (OS) services consist of the Microsoft® Windows® CE kernel and other features common to all Windows CE OS designs. Core OS services enable low-level tasks, such as process, thread, and memory management. Basic device drivers are also part of the Windows CE core OS services.

In This Section

Core OS Services Catalog Items
Provides descriptions and Sysgen variables for the Catalog items under the core OS services tree in the Platform Builder Catalog.
Core OS Design Development
Provides OEM conceptual and API reference information on the kernel and other core OS services available in Windows CE.
Core OS Application Development
Provides conceptual information for application developers on how they can use the Windows CE core OS functionality in their applications.
Core OS Registry Settings
Provides a list of some core OS registry settings required to configure your OS design or applications to enable core OS functionality.
Core OS Migration
Provides information on how to migrate core OS services functionality from earlier versions of Windows CE to Windows CE 5.0.
Core OS Security
Describes best practices for maintaining kernel security.
Core OS Samples
Provides links to core OS services samples you can use when writing an application for Windows CE or creating a Windows CE-based device.
Core OS Reference
Provides reference information on the core OS APIs available for use in Windows CE-based applications.

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