Server Object Implementation (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Server object provides access to methods and properties on the server. Most of these methods and properties serve as utility functions. The following table shows the supported server methods.

Server methodWindows CE implementation
ScriptTimeoutNot supported.
CreateObjectNot supported.
ExecuteNot supported.
GetLastErrorNot supported.
HTMLEncodeNot supported.
MapPathFully supported.
TransferNot supported.
URLEncodeFully supported.

To create a COM object on Windows CE–based ASP, use the scripting language support for creating COM objects, instead of the Server.CreateObject method, as you would using IIS-based ASP.

In JScript, the following code would create the object of type

<% var newObject = new ActiveXObject("") %>

To perform the same operation using VBScript, use the following code.

    dim newObject
    set newObject = CreateObject("")

There is no explicit need to delete COM objects that are created on ASP pages. This is unlike needs associated with using JScript or VBScript. ASP automatically deletes all COM objects that are created on ASP pages. For more information on ASP and the caching of DLLs, see Initial Settings.

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