IPv6 Test Lab Requirements (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The infrastructure for the IPv6 test lab network consists of five computers and three hubs, or Layer 2 switches. Individual computers are needed to separate the services provided on the network and to clearly show the desired functionality.

The following table shows the configuration for each. The computer names shown are placeholders used for instruction only. While using these instructions, replace these names with the names of the computers or devices in your network.

Computer nameRunningConfigured asService provided
<CLIENT1>Windows CE .NET 4.1 or laterAn Enterprise Web Pad with applications.

Supports IPv6, and is configured with the Hosts file.

<ROUTER1>Windows CE .NET 4.1 or laterA gateway.

Supports IPv6, and has two network adapters installed.

Routes packages between Subnet 1 and Subnet 2.
<ROUTER2>Windows 2000 Server or laterThis supports IPv6, and has two network adapters installed.Routes packages between Subnet 2 and Subnet 3.
<CLIENT2>Windows CE .NET 4.1 or laterAn Enterprise Web Pad with applications that supports IPv6.Client.
Note   The configuration of this test lab is neither designed to reflect best practices nor is it designed to reflect a desired or recommended configuration for a production network. The configuration of this lab, including IP addresses and all other parameters, is designed only to work on a separate test lab network.

The following table describes the network segments shown in this test lab configuration.

Network segmentPrivate network IDGlobal subnet ID
Subnet 310.0.3.0/242000:0:0:3::/64

In this test lab configuration, computers on each subnet are connected to a separate, common hub or Layer 2 switch.

For IPv4, each computer is manually configured with the appropriate IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) servers are not used. For IPv6, each computer is initially and automatically assigned a link-local address.

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