IPPROTO_IPV6 (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table describes IPPROTO_IPV6 Socket Options. See getsockopt and setsockopt for more information on getting and setting socket options. To enumerate protocols and discover supported properties for each installed protocol, use the WSAEnumProtocols function.

Some socket options require more explanation than these tables can convey; such options contain links to additional pages.


Optionget/set/bothOptval typeDescription
IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIPsetstruct ipv6_mreqJoin the supplied multicast group on the given interface index
IPV6_DROP_MEMBERSHIPsetstruct ipv6_mreqLeave the supplied multicast group from the given interface
IPV6_HDRINCLbothBOOLIndicates IPv6 header will be supplied on all outgoing data
IPV6_HOPLIMITbothBOOLIndicates that hop (TTL) information should be returned in the WSARecvMsg function
IPV6_JOIN_GROUPsetstruct ipv6_mreqSame as IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIP
IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPSbothDWORD Sets/gets the TTL value associated with IPv6 multicast traffic on the socket
IPV6_MULTICAST_IFbothDWORD Sets the outgoing (IPv6) interface for multicast traffic. This is important for multihomed machines. The input value is the 4-byte interface index of the desired outgoing interface (use GetAdaptersAddresses to obtain index information).
IPV6_MULTICAST_LOOPbothBOOLIndicates multicast data sent on socket will be echoed to the sockets receive buffer if it is also joined on the destination multicast group
IPV6_PKTINFObothBOOLIndicates that packet information should be returned in the WSARecvMsg function
IPV6_PROTECTION_LEVELbothINTEnables restriction of a socket to a specified scope, such as addresses with the same link local or site local prefix. Provides various restriction levels and default settings. See Using IPV6_PROTECTION_LEVEL for more information.
IPV6_UNICAST_HOPSbothDWORDSets/gets the current TTL value associated with IPv6 socket

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