PREfast Build Command Switches (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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PREfast build command switches allow you to customize the PREfast build.

To use a PREfast build command switch, specify the switch before the build command. The following example specifies the /log and /update switches.

prefast /log=MyLogfile.txt /update nmake <nmake-arguments>

Switches are case insensitive and can be preceded by either a slash (/) or a hyphen (-).

The following PREfast switches are available for use with your build command.

?Opens a quick syntax help file.
HELPOpens a quick syntax help file.
FILTERPRESET=filternameSpecifies using a filter preset.
LOG=logfileSpecifies a location for the defect log file.

If nothing is specified, a default location is used.

STACKHOGTHRESHOLD=nnnnEnables you to specify the stack usage threshold above which the Precedence defect module flags a function as a stack hog.

You can also combine PREfast build command switches with PREfast commands. For example, the following command-line specifies that MyLogfile.txt should be displayed at the console.

prefast /log=MyLogfile.txt LIST

For more information, see PREfast Commands.

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