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Projects (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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When you create a workspace project using the New Project Wizard, the information necessary for Platform Builder to build the project is contained in an XML-based project (.pbpxml) file. When you use the wizard to create a sources project, the information necessary to build the project is contained in sources and dirs files.

Platform Builder enables you to view and change the contents of a project. In the Workspace window, the FileView, ClassView, and ResourceView tabs display the details of the project.

Each window is hierarchical. You can expand the folders and other items in the windows to display their contents or collapse them to display their organization.

The following types of projects are available.

Project typeDescription
Workspace projectA project that is specific to a workspace.
Sources projectA project that is not specific to a workspace.

The FileView tab shows relationships of the projects and files that are included in your OS design. These relationships reflect the organization of files on your hard disk. The relationships of the source files and the dependent files that are used to build all configurations for the project are also shown.

Platform Builder provides the following options for managing projects:

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