Platform Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The options on the Platform menu enable you to work with existing OS designs. You can also use the options on this menu to work with SDKs and board support packages (BSPs).

The following options are available.

Add Item to User-specified Catalog Item(s)Use to change the selected Catalog item in your OS design from an unanchored item to an anchored item. For information, see Catalog Item Management.
Refresh Catalog ItemsUse to refresh the Catalog items and their dependencies in your OS design. This also refreshes the Catalog itself.
Clone Catalog ItemUse to clone a selected Catalog item in your OS design as a user-created project.

For information, see Cloning a Catalog Item.

Review Special NotificationsUse to display special notifications that relate to Catalog items in your OS design.
InsertUse to insert a selected Catalog item from the Catalog into your OS design.
Dependencies for Selected ItemsUse to display the dependencies of a selected Catalog item in your OS design.

For information, see Catalog Item Dependencies.

SettingsUse to configure settings for your OS design.

For information, see Platform Settings Dialog Box.

SDKUse to select options for creating, configuring, and building an SDK for your OS design:
  • To create an SDK based on your OS design, choose New SDK.
  • To configure settings for an SDK, choose Configure SDK.
  • To build an SDK, choose Build SDK.

For more information, see SDK Wizard.

BSP WizardUse to run the BSP Wizard, which enables you to create or clone a BSP and add drivers and boot loaders to the BSP.

For more information, see BSP Wizard Overview.

Export WizardUse to run the Export Wizard, which enables you to export Catalog items from Platform Builder to a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file.

For more information, see Export Wizard Overview.

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