Platform Builder Wizard Migration (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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In Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, the following functionality has changed in the Platform Builder user interface. For more information, see What's New.

New and Updated Platform Builder Wizards

FunctionalityVersion addedDescription
Add-in Wizard4.1Used to extend Platform Builder by customizing it for partners and third-party vendors.

The Add-in Wizard creates the sources files for an add-in. Each add-in adds a toolbar and related commands to Platform Builder.

For more information, see Creating Add-ins with the Add-in Wizard.

BSP Wizard4.0, 5.0Used to perform tasks related to creating and developing a board support package (BSP).

In Windows CE 5.0, the wizard does the following:

  • Generates a .cec file for your BSP
  • Modifies a .cec file by adding files, boot loaders, or drivers
  • Copies your BSP files to the appropriate location
  • Imports the .cec file into the Catalog
  • Creates a driver that is not BSP-specific

For more information about the changes, see BSP Wizard.

CAB Wizard4.1Uses .inf files you write to create .cab files for installing device drivers and applications.

For more information, see CAB Wizard Overview.

Export Wizard4.0, 5.0Facilitates OS design development and maintenance by allowing you to move project files from one Platform Builder installation to another.

In Windows CE 5.0, you can only add a Catalog item (.cec) file or a user-created project to the Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file for export.

For more information about the changes, see Export Wizard.

New Platform Wizard4.0Used to create an OS design quickly and easily.

You can select one or more BSPs and a design template, and then choose from various general and target device-specific Catalog items to create a new OS design.

For more information, see New Platform Wizard.

New Project Wizard5.0Used to create a project quickly and easily.

You can select a type of project and a design template, and then choose from a variety of sample projects to create a new project.

You can build the project from the wizard or make further changes before exiting and making manual modifications.

For more information, see New Project Wizard Overview.

SDK Wizard5.0The Export SDK Wizard is now known as the SDK Wizard for greater clarity, and is now accessible from the Platform menu by choosing SDK and then choosing New SDK.

The SDK Wizard creates an SDK installation package in the .msi file format and Catalog item-based documentation is exported to the SDK.

If you add a custom end-user license agreement (EULA) to the SDK, you can only use rich text format (.rtf) for the file that contains the EULA.

For more information, see SDK Wizard.

Removed Platform Builder Wizards

The following functionality has been removed from Windows CE 5.0.

FunctionalityVersion removedDescription
Platform Upgrade Wizard4.1Assists in upgrading an existing Windows CE .NET 4.0-based OS design to a Windows CE .NET 4.1-based OS design.

For more information about migrating an existing Windows CE .NET 4.2-based OS design to a Windows CE 5.0 OS design, see How to Migrate a Windows CE .NET 4.2 OS Design to Windows CE 5.0.

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