/O1, /O2 - Specify Small or Fast Code (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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These options select a predefined set of options that affect the size and speed of executable files. The /O1 option produces very small executable files. The /O2 option produces very fast executable files.

Both options produce executable files or DLLs that run well on most development workstations. The result of using /O1 or /O2 is more comprehensive than that of using /Os or /Ot.

The following table shows the options that the optimizing compiler uses to implement /O1 and /O2.

OptionEquivalent toComment
/O1 /GFy /Osg, /Ob2Smallest code
/O2/GFy /Otg, /Oi, /Ob2Fastest code

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