Catalog Customization

Catalog Customization (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Although the Catalog contains many built-in Catalog items, the Catalog is also extensible, allowing you to expand the available selection displayed by creating your own Catalog items, or by importing functionality created by third parties.

You can display functionality in the Catalog by importing the associated Catalog item (.cec) files. The following list shows what you can display using this method:

  • Board support packages (BSPs)
  • OS functionality
  • Device drivers
  • Projects

You can create a .cec file using one of two methods:

  • By using the BSP Wizard or the CEC Editor. These tools can also be used to import functionality such as BSPs, device drivers, or boot loaders. For more information, see BSP Wizard Overview and CEC Editor Tool.
  • By editing the .cec files with a text editor

After you import a .cec file, displaying the associated functionality in the Catalog, you can add the functionality to future OS designs. You can also use the Export Wizard to import an updated version of an existing Catalog item. For more information, see Export Wizard Overview.

If necessary, you can return the Catalog to its original state.

In This Section

Catalog Item Creation
Describes the contents of a Catalog Item (.cec) file.
Catalog Item Files
Describes the blocks in a .cec file and provides a link to sample .cec files.
CEC Editor Tool
Describes the CEC editor.
Adding a .cec File to the Catalog
Explains how to add a .cec file to the Catalog.
Removing a .cec File from the Catalog
Explains how to remove a .cec file from the Catalog.
Exporting Items from the Catalog
Explains how to export Catalog items from the Catalog.
Copying and Modifying an Existing .cec File for a Driver
Explains how to use the CEC Editor to copy an existing Catalog item (.cec) file using a driver similar to yours and modify it for your driver.
Reverting to an Empty Catalog
Explains how to revert to an empty Catalog.
How to Edit .cec Files Using a Text Editor
Provides an explanation of how to edit .cec files using a text editor.

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