DHCP Server Settings for a Wireless Network (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

To enable TESTSERVER to assign IP addresses to your access points, your CEPC, and any other computers on your network, you need to configure DHCP Server.

For information about how to perform these steps, see "DHCP server role: Configuring a DHCP server" in the Windows Server 2003 Help.

When you configure DHCP Server, make the following choices:

  • In the New Scope Wizard, on the Scope Name page, type Testscope as the scope name.
  • On the IP Address Range page, type the following values:
    Note   Do not change the default value for Length.
    Start IP address10.11.0.1
    End IP address10.11.0.254
    Subnet mask255.255.0.0
  • On the Configure DHCP Options page, choose Yes, I want to configure these options now.
  • On the Router (Default Gateway) page, in the IP address box, type as the IP address.
  • On the Domain Name and DNS Servers page, type the following values.
    Parent domainTESTDOMAIN.com
    Server name TESTSERVER
  • On the WINS Servers page, in the Server name field, type TESTSERVER.
  • On the Activate Scope page, choose Yes, I want to activate this scope now.

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