Building a Project (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

After you create a project in your workspace, you can build it independently of your OS design.

To build a project

  1. In the Workspace window, choose the FileView tab.
  2. Be sure you have configured build options you want for your project.

    For more information, see Preparing to Build a Project.

  3. From the Build Project menu, select the flags you want to set for this build.
  4. From the Build Project menu, choose one of the following options:
    • To run a build on modified files in the current project, choose Build Current Project.

      Choose this option if the project does not require the Sysgen tool to be subsequently run.

    • To run the Sysgen tool on the current project, choose Sysgen Current Project.
    • To build and then run the Sysgen tool on the current project, choose Build and Sysgen Current Project.

      For more information on these options, see Build Project Menu Options.

The build progress is displayed in the Build tab of the Output window.

After the build is complete, the Build tab displays the total number of errors and warnings found during the build.

If there is no activity on the Build tab, you can monitor the status from the status bar, which displays the Building icon during the build.

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