Developing OS Design Elements (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

After you have developed the core elements of your BSP, you can add and customize other elements of your OS design. The following topics can help you further develop elements of your OS design.

In This Section

Customizing the File System
Describes how to customize the file system by modifying the registry type, changing how the file system stores data, and adding support for user profiles.
How to Add a Media File to a Run-time Image
Explains how to include a media file in your run-time image.
How to Replace the Network UI for a Target Device
Describes how to change a string within the existing network user interface (UI), or create an application that replaces the entire network UI.
How to Set Up a Wireless Network with a Security Infrastructure
Describes how to set up a wireless network with a security infrastructure using Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003, and connect to it with a CEPC.
How to Set Up an 802.1x Network and Connect to It with a CEPC
Describes how to set up an 802.1x wireless network using Windows 2000 Server, and connect to it with a CEPC.
How to Create a Multilingual Run-time Image Using MUI
Describes how to create a run-time image that supports multiple languages using the Multilingual User Interface (MUI).
Troubleshooting: Performance Insufficient
Contains a list of descriptions of common performance problems with either the OS or the target devices, and provides suggestions for resolving the problems. Contains comparative information on the two registry types (object store and hive based). Includes a list that shows the common use of various types of memory on a target device.

Related Sections

Windows CE Features
Provides links and information about items that you can select in the Catalog and functionality that you can include in your OS designs.
Board Support Package Overview
Provides information about the elements that are included in a BSP. Includes an overview of the BSP tools that are available in Platform Builder. Lists the different device driver libraries that are shipped in Platform Builder to assist you in creating a BSP.
Shell OS Design Development
Provides information about customizing the shell, shell modules and components, and installing a shell.
Enhancing the Security of a Device
Provides an overview of how to use the security services in Windows CE.
Signature Creation
Describes how to use signfile.exe to create a digital signature that can be used for verification of the origination of an electronic document and for nonrepudiation.
GWES OS Design Development
Provides information that OS design developers can use to customize the look and behavior of many aspects of their OS design's user interface.
Bluetooth OS Design Development
Provides information about the Bluetooth Protocol Stack and the extension layer, components and modules that implement Bluetooth functionalities, and Sysgen variables that enable these functionalities.
Certificates OS Design Development
Provides an overview of the modules and components that implement certificates in Windows CE, the Sysgen variables that enable this functionality, and details about how to enroll for a certificate.
Implementing Notifications
Decribes how to implement notifications to informing a user and/or applications that an event has occurred.
Design Template Selection
Provides an overview of each OS design template that is available in Windows CE. Includes a list of estimated run-time image sizes for OS designs for different microprocessors.

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