Build Phases (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

In Platform Builder, when you choose to build a run-time image based on an operating system (OS) design, the build system executes sequential phases:

  1. The Compile Phase
  2. The Sysgen Phase
  3. The Release Copy Phase
  4. The Make Run-Time Image Phase

Each phase also executes a secondary phase defined as the Localize phase, when resources and executables are translated into selected locales. For more information about localization, see OS Localization.

The build system completes the following tasks during these phases:

  1. Generates header files
  2. Links modules
  3. Copies the resulting modules to a release directory
  4. Generates a run-time image

Target devices can include a variety of devices, including the Emulator or a CEPC. For more information, see Emulator and How to Set Up a CEPC.

The following image map shows the sequence of large-scale tasks in the build process.

To link to topics containing information about the elements in the image map, move your pointer over the element and then choose the element.

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