Windows CE 5.0
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OID_GEN_MAC_OPTIONS specifies a bitmask that defines optional properties of the underlying driver or its NIC.

The following table shows currently defined flags.

NDIS_MAC_OPTION_COPY_LOOKAHEAD_DATA The protocol driver is free to access indicated data by any means. NIC drivers that indicate data out of mapped device memory should never set this flag. If a NIC driver does set this flag, it relaxes the restriction on fast-copy functions.
NDIS_MAC_OPTION_RECEIVE_SERIALIZED The NIC driver indicates packets in a serial manner. That is, such a driver does not enter a new receive indication until the previous receive and any associated calls to the driver's MiniportTransferData function, if any, have been completed.
NDIS_MAC_OPTION_TRANSFERS_NOT_PEND The NIC driver never returns NDIS_STATUS_PENDING from its MiniportTransferData function. The call succeeds or fails immediately in all cases.
A miniport that indicates receive operations with the NdisMIndicateReceivePacket function has no MiniportTransferData function. Such a driver should set this flag.
NDIS_MAC_OPTION_NO_LOOPBACK The NIC has no internal loopback support so NDIS will manage loopbacks on behalf of this driver. A miniport cannot provide its own software loopback as efficiently as NDIS, so every miniport should set this flag unless its NIC has hardware loopback support. WAN NIC miniports must set this flag.
NDIS_MAC_OPTION_FULL_DUPLEX The NIC driver supports full duplex transmits and indications on SMP platforms. NDIS serializes calls to the MiniportSend (Packets) function of such a driver separately from its serialized calls to other MiniportXXX functions. A driver that reports its medium type as NdisMediumWan cannot set this flag, and WAN NIC miniports cannot be full-duplex drivers.
NDIS_MAC_OPTION_8021P_PRIORITY The NIC and its driver support 802.1p packet priority. Packet-priority values are received in NDIS_PACKET structures from higher-layer drivers. The appropriate information is generated in the MAC headers of packets and transmitted over the network. In addition, this NIC and its driver support extracting the appropriate information from the MAC headers of packets received from the network. This information is forwarded in NDIS_PACKET structures to higher-layer drivers.

Note   Windows CE does not support 802.1p packet prioritization.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ntddndis.h.

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